October 8/12 2018 4th Annual Meeting of AFRICA LOGISTICS NETWORK

Par thierno - 8 novembre, 2018 - 11:01

On October 12th with the visit to Gorée Island and to the Statue of the Renaissance Africaine terminated our fourth Annual Meeting.

After the Meetings in Bergamo (Italy), Agadir (Morocco) and Lisbon (Portugal) I’m very pleased to confirm that the Meeting just terminated was the more productive and the best one.
The relationship between the various Members became more and more closed and consequently the business agreements.

The fact of being for the first time in the black Africa, the collaboration of our local members and the sense of hospitality shown by the people we met in Senegal contributed a lot to success of the Meeting.
In my opinion the quality also of our Members is increasing and this community makes a great Network!!

In the logic of the alternance of the places of the Meetings, for the next year we will not be in Africa but, for the 2020, we will come back with, I hope, a greater Meeting in the core of Africa!! Please wait us, we will come back!!

                                                            For AFRICA LOGISTICS NETWORK
                                                                           The President
                                                                   Alessandro Saponaro 


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