Zeeman abandons its in-house software

Par ediallo - 5 April, 2021 - 13:02

Zeeman, a Dutch retailer of quality clothing and textiles (1,300 stores in Europe) has chosen Manhattan Associates' cloud-native WMS, attracted by its innovative order streaming and cross-docking capabilities.

With Manhattan Active Warehouse Management, Zeeman wants to modernize its supply chain from its central distribution center in Alphen-on-Rhine in the Netherlands.

The architecture of this software, which consists of micro-services and no longer requires migration, makes it possible to better manage distribution activities.

Zeeman wants to replenish points of sale more quickly in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Spain.

But also to give a boost to the omnical area, by executing e-commerce orders with more efficient order streaming, based on capacity and cut-off times, while at the same time increasing throughput and asset utilization.

"Previously, we were using an in-house developed warehouse management system (WMS). Although it has served us well over the years, we realized that in order to secure the future, we needed a much more modern solution," says Schelte Halma, Logistics Manager at Zeeman.