Par ediallo - 30 December, 2020 - 14:55

Everything is logistically ready to start the anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign so eagerly awaited by the Moroccan population. And yet the campaign has still not started as planned. Explanations of the delay by the Minister of Health Pr Khalid Aït Taleb.

Morocco is among the first countries to have announced the date of the launch of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign. There was talk of a start between the 2nd and 3rd week of December 2020.

However, we are already in the 4th week and Morocco has still not received its doses when Europe has already started vaccinating its citizens.

What is the reason for this delay? Is it due to the system that Morocco has to put in place to receive the vaccines? Or to the vaccine producers, namely Sinopharm and AstraZeneca?

We questioned the Minister of Health, Prof. Khalid Aït Taleb, on the Hiwar programme, on the reasons for this delay, which is not without consequences for the evolution of the pandemic in our country.

"Morocco has always worked in anticipation and is ready to start the campaign at any time. Except that the supply of vaccines is dependent on international authorisations," he said.

He said that Morocco has put in place all the necessary logistics to make this long-awaited campaign a success and that the delay is due to the emergency use authorisations for the Covid-19 vaccines that the two producers must obtain in order to market the vaccines.

Concerning the system put in place, the minister affirmed that the processes of transport respecting the cold chain, storage and deployment throughout the territory are ready to guarantee the operation's progress for a period of 12 weeks.

"During this period, we should manage both the logistics and the vaccination programme spread over 2,900 vaccination stations," the minister said.

Each vaccination station has a computer system that will allow for the traceability and monitoring of the vaccination, which will be carried out in two doses: D1/D21 for the Sinopharm vaccine and D1/D28 for the AstraZenzca vaccine.

It should be remembered that in order to achieve the objective set to vaccinate 80% of the population, Morocco has acquired 65 million doses of vaccine. When asked about the budget for this large-scale vaccination operation, the Minister did not wish to give precise figures.

"It is difficult to give the overall cost of the operation insofar as we are managing several aspects at the same time, notably logistics, transport, storage, dispatching... What is certain is that the operation will be financed by the Vaccination Fund," he said.

That said, the ministry has deployed all means to ensure equitable access to the vaccine for all Moroccans and at the territorial level.

To this end, it has set up two vaccination methods: a mobile method which consists of moving vaccination units to the target populations and a fixed method where the population will move to the vaccination sites.