WEBINAR Theme: "The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on oil and gas prospects in Africa



Theme: "The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on oil and gas prospects in Africa

September 23, 2021 on ZOOM between 16:00-18:00 GMT

I. Context

Oil and gas rich African countries are facing both the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic and the collapse of oil prices, exposing them to many vulnerabilities. The situation is all the more alarming, given that most of these countries have not yet recovered from the 2014 oil shock. This new crisis is therefore aggravating an already difficult economic situation.

The terms of trade of these countries are thus likely to deteriorate, leading to a reduction in export earnings and a worsening of current account and government budget deficits.

In addition, as a result of tighter global financial conditions, investment flows to these countries may be reduced, thus limiting their ability to finance the expenditures needed to manage the health crisis and sustain growth. In addition to the fiscal and monetary consequences, postponements of many oil projects may lead to a loss of important investments.

II. Objectives

This seminar aims to highlight the challenges that await African states and their private sector in the implementation of oil and gas projects in the context of Covid-19.
Thus, it will allow participants :

  • Learn about the status of major oil & gas projects in the continent and their future deadlines;
  • To have an overview of the human and logistical resources in terms of management of exploitation and distribution of oil & gas products;
  • To have an idea on the perspectives of oil & gas products transformation in the future in the context of pandemic.

III. Expected results

This seminar will allow participants to have an analysis note on the oil & gas prospects in Africa and will serve as an information platform for governments and private sector companies.

IV. Themes

The role of the African private sector in the oil and gas industry
Regulations and legislation of the oil and gas sector in Africa;
Training & certification in the oil and gas industry in Africa.

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Date de l'événement

Thursday, 23 September, 2021

Lieu de l'événement

ZOOM entre 16h-18h