Webinar on: "logistical challenges of Covid-19 vaccine distribution"

Theme: "Logistical Challenges of Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution
June 03, 2021 online on zoom (15h45-17h30)

I. Context

At a time when the number of daily cases worldwide is reaching record highs, vaccines are emerging as the most powerful remedy to protect lives and livelihoods and end the pandemic. Fortunately, many candidate vaccines have received emergency approval and are being deployed around the world.

However, the path from demonstrating the safety and efficacy of vaccines in clinical trials to vaccinating entire populations is long and complex.

As governments prepare for the unprecedented scale of immunization campaigns, it is imperative that they improve their health systems to ensure that they are ready from start to finish, both in the immediate term, to get the immunization campaign up and running, and in the longer term. We must act at unprecedented speed and scale, under the watchful eye of the public and in the face of extreme uncertainty.

II. Objectives

After the approval of a vaccine against Covid-19 in one country, the challenge of a nationwide vaccination is considerable. This vaccination raises new logistical issues and calls for strengthening existing supply chain processes and tools to ensure traceability and transparency at all levels of the supply chain and optimize distribution models for the consumer.
This webinar will allow us to:

  • Understand the logistics challenges of the covid-19 vaccination campaign;
  • Highlight the importance of traceability and planning in the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine

III. Expected Results

Thus, it will serve as a briefing note for public authorities and private sector logistics companies in Africa in terms of health supply chain.


Date de l'événement

Thursday, 3 June, 2021

Lieu de l'événement

ZOOM entre 16h-17h30