Vertiv establishes a major hub in Morocco to boost its activities in Africa

Par ediallo - 30 September, 2021 - 18:34

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has just inaugurated a $1 million logistics hub in Tangier Med to ensure the availability of its products in the African market.

There are these presences that delight, some reassure, while others honor. The presence of the American company Vertiv in Morocco has the merit of embodying all these sensitivities.

Indeed, after more than three decades of presence in Africa, the world-class provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions has recently inaugurated a million-dollar logistics hub in Tangier.

This development is aimed at upgrading its supply chain and ensuring better availability of its products in the African market.

With 19 production sites and 20,000 employees worldwide, Vertiv remains one of the leading experts in critical infrastructure management. And in this era of accelerating digitalization, Vertiv's role in cyber ecosystems is critical.

The company's range of expertise and solutions covers critical power supply, thermal management, IT and cabinet solutions as well as data center monitoring and management solutions.

"We work with our partners and customers to address the major challenges of data center, communication networks and commercial and industrial infrastructures.

We are working with our partners and customers to address the major challenges of data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial infrastructures, by offering our customers our product portfolio for energy and thermal management as well as IT solutions ranging from the edge of the infrastructure to the core," explains Mr. Anas Kabbaj, Regional Director for North and West Africa.

Three quarters of a century of know-how. Indeed, the genesis of Vertiv goes back to 1946 with Capitol Refrigeration Industries whose core business was the manufacture of air conditioning systems.

The company's evolution through acquisitions and mergers, including Liebert, Avocent, Netsure and Chloride, will lead to the creation of Vertiv in 2016. In addition to its ancestral know-how, Vertiv will strengthen its areas of expertise and enhance its reputation.

At the forefront of innovation, Vertiv is today more than just a must-have, it is an indispensable part of the global economy. With more than 2,600 patents and a presence in 130 countries, the U.S. manufacturer is a "trusted supplier to 80% of Fortune 500 companies" and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2020. And this despite the drastic recession.

In Africa, where the company has been active for more than 35 years, Vertiv intends to provide an essential building block for the development of the continent through digital technology. To do this, the company is working to facilitate access for its customers and partners to its innovative solutions.

An ambition that could not be realized without first strengthening its supply chain in this part of the world. Hence the judicious choice of the Kingdom, given its strategic position.

"Our presence in a geographical area such as Morocco will allow us to strengthen our value chain, from local availability of our products to the reduction of delivery times for Vertiv's fast-moving products," said Mr. Pierre Havenga, General Manager of Vertiv Middle East and Africa.

It will also allow us to support our global value chain. It is a strategic choice for Vertiv to target Tangier-Med for this expansion.