The Tunisian Post Office signs partnership agreements with Tunisair and CTN

Par ediallo - 31 January, 2021 - 12:46

Two partnership agreements were signed on Friday between the Office National des Postes on the one hand and Tunsiair and CTN on the other, with the aim of promoting the digitization of sales and developing electronic payments for the two national carriers.

According to the facebook page of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, these two agreements will allow the two companies, Tunisair (Transport of people and air freight) and CTN (through the Scandinavian ticketing system Hogia), to join the online payment platform of the Tunisian Post Office.

Called MPGS (Mastercard Payement Gateway System), for the operations of reservations, modification of reservations and payment of tickets by national and international electronic payment cards via the respective sites of the two companies and on all the approved sales network.

These two agreements will also make it possible to manage the foreign currency accounts of CTN and Tunisair in order to ensure the transfer of revenues from ticket sales abroad through the "MPGS" platform, which will strengthen foreign currency stocks on a national scale, from the same source.

The online payment platform of the Tunisian Post Office "MasterCard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS) is the first and only online payment platform in Tunisia, which offers national and international means of payment in accordance with international security standards and norms and the requirements of companies operating in the maritime and air fields.

On this occasion, the Minister of Transport and Logistics Moez Chakchouk said that "the signing of these two conventions will open the door to other national and regional transport companies to join this approach thus promoting a very promising public-public partnership.

For his part, the Minister of Communication Technologies, Mohamed Fadhel Kraiem, affirmed the readiness of his department to put all its logistical and technical capacities to support the transport and logistics sector, particularly, maritime and air transport given their strong impact on national competitiveness.

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