Tangier Med and ASMEX look at the future of Moroccan value chains

Par thierno - 2 October, 2020 - 11:11

Tangier Med organized on September 29th in partnership with ASMEX a High Level Talk under the theme "The new orientations of value chains: challenges and opportunities for Moroccan exporters" in the presence of several experts, institutions and export professionals. This virtual meeting is part of a dynamic initiated by Tanger Med with the aim of establishing a platform for regular exchange with members of its community.

The Tanger Med group and ASMEX are partnering around this conference to initiate a common vision on the future of Moroccan value chains dedicated to export and define a set of priority actions to support Moroccan exporters.

In his opening speech, Hassan Sentissi President of ASMEX welcomed the initiative of this meeting and recalled that the Covid-19 pandemic has put us face to face with new challenges and may present new opportunities. Moroccan operators must now position themselves on new high value added products that create growth and will allow them to better position themselves in global value chains.

For his part, Hassan Abkari, Deputy Managing Director of the Tangier Med Port Authority recalled the importance of the supply chain which acts as a bridge since it is the only function that covers all the players in the value chain from raw material suppliers to end customers. The latter crosses borders and must adapt and be flexible to maintain its export competitiveness.

Jonathan Le Henry, Director of Strategy & PWC said "To capture the potential of value chains, a whole effort of competitiveness is underway and to strengthen for Moroccan industry ... Morocco's ability to maintain its market share will come from its ability to improve its competitiveness in a competitive context.

Ahmed Bennis, Group Development Director of Tanger Med recalled for his part the logistics solutions implemented by Tanger Med to support Moroccan exports. In particular an infrastructure adapted to handle the flow of exports, a reinforced maritime connectivity to more than 180 ports and 70 countries as well as continuous efforts to digitalize procedures through the Tangier Med Community System port.

"These measures put in place by Tangier Med aim to support the competitiveness of Moroccan exports and thus allow to take into account in an inclusive manner all links in the supply chain," he said.

Meanwhile, Tanger Med is fully committed to continue to support Moroccan exporters in their quest for competitiveness by strengthening infrastructure, facilitating procedures, export support for Moroccan VSE/SMEs and the organization of workshops and training for the benefit of Moroccan exporters and users of the port Tanger Med.

Moderated by expert Amine Laghidi, this Talk was held with the participation of ASMEX President Hassan Sentissi El Idrissi as guest of honor, the Director General of Trade at the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy, Abdelouahed Rahal, the Director PwC Strategy & Jonathan Le Henry, as keynote speaker, the Deputy Director General of the Tangier Med Port Authority (TMPA).

Hassan Abkari, Tanger Med Group Development Director Ahmed Bennis, Executive Director of the Moroccan Pharmaceutical Industry Association (AMIP), Layla Sentissi, President of the Moroccan Professional Association of Shipping Agents, Abdelaziz Mantrach, and President of the Regional Union of Transport and Logistics of the North, El Mootamid Abbad Andaloussi.

As a reminder, and as part of its proactive and participatory approach with the different actors of the port and logistics community, Tanger Med has previously organized a virtual workshop with the freight forwarders and freight forwarders of Morocco gathered by the "Association of Moroccan Freight Forwarders" AFFM.

A meeting during which the speakers agreed on a regular exchange between the port authority and the members of the association as well as a training cycle on the functionalities of the "Port Community System" and Tanger Med's digital services for the benefit of members of the freight forwarders and freight forwarders community in Morocco.