Par thierno - 30 September, 2020 - 15:30

Senegalese expertise still stands out abroad.

The former Sales and Marketing Director of Air Senegal, Mr. Tahir Ndiaye, has just been appointed General Manager of Sky-Mali. A brand new airline whose take-off is imminent! Undoubtedly, the Malian directors of Sky-Mali did not make the wrong choice in setting their sights on our compatriot Tahir Ndiaye considered as one of the best African experts and managers in the field of air transport.

The Board of Directors of Sky-Mali Sa met on Tuesday, September 22nd in Bamako. At the end of its general assembly, it appointed our compatriot Tahir Ndiaye at the head of the brand new Malian airline company Sky-Mali.

Tahir will combine this position with that of sales and marketing director. An appointment that matches the know-how and proven expertise of our compatriot Tahir Ndiaye who was a good Sales and Marketing Director of Air Senegal before leaving following a dispute with the French who had just taken over all the controls of our national airline. A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, Tahir Ndiaye is a specialist in Finance-Accounting and an expert in Transport and Distribution.

He also holds a postgraduate degree in Management Computer Science from the University of Paris-Dauphine and an Mba from the University of Quebec in Montreal (Uqam). He has a thorough knowledge of the tourism and air transport sector. He could already stop there but, decidedly insatiable in terms of training and diplomas, the new general manager of Sky-Mali has gone on to conquer other expertise and knowledge in various fields.

Thus, he is successively a graduate of the International Institute of Transport of Mulhouse (France), the University of Technology of Bayonne (France) and the University of Marketing and Sales IATA of Geneva (Switzerland). Armed with all these diplomas, Tahir Ndiaye was entrusted with the Marketing and Sales Sub-Directorate at Air France (1988-1996).

And successively, he had to hold the positions of IATA Regional Director in West Africa, Regional Director of Travelport, Commercial Director of Asky-Airlines, Director of Consulting and Consultancy "Affirmative Africa" and other positions related to air transport where he proved his skills. Tabir Ndiaye was also in charge of the project for the implementation of the Senegalese company Air-Sénégal Sa.

A performance rare enough to be commended. But in reality, this triumph only surprises those who do not know Tahir Ndiaye who is a senior executive of international air transport known, in addition to his competence, for his righteousness, ethics and punctuality on all the tarmacs of Africa. Unfortunately, no one is a prophet in his country! The adage was verified in Bamako where the Malian administrators of Sky-Mali fell under the spell of the multidimensional qualities and managerial skills of our compatriot Tahir Ndiaye.

God knows that they did not make the wrong choice on the high flight profile of the one who is now in charge of the imminent take-off of the Malian airline company Sky-Mali. Founded thanks to private capital (4 billion cfa) raised by businessmen from this neighboring country, Sky-Mali has already taken delivery of its first Boeing 737-500 whose test flight between Bamako and Kayes was a resounding success.

Another Boeing 737 and an Embraer ERJ 145 will soon reinforce the young company's fleet. Sky Mali is positioning itself in the domestic flight niche to serve Mali's regional capitals: Kayes, Mopti, Gao and Timbuktu. It also aims to link Bamako to several cities in West and Central Africa such as Dakar, Abidjan, Libreville, Lomé, Douala, Ndjamena, etc. in order to meet thae strong demand from the many Malians in the diaspora.

This is a real challenge for Tahir Ndiaye in a context where almost all airlines are going through turbulent areas linked to Covid19. But we are not there yet since Sky-Mali intends above all to contribute to the opening up and cohesion of Mali's territories.

It is true that some engineers have invented new aircraft. Other experts, technicians and operators have improved and revolutionized the offer of airlines by lowering the prices of air tickets which are more competitive and more profitable in the long term.

The brand new CEO of Sky-Mali, Tahir Ndiaye, is one of these men! And the daily "Le Témoin" is convinced that he will spare no effort to put his expertise and experience to the benefit of Sky-Mali. For lack of being a prophet at home...

Pope Ndiaye