Supply Chain and Marketing: Students from the Burkina Faso School of Business explore opportunities for businesses

Par thierno - 19 July, 2021 - 17:30

The Burkinabe School of Business in partnership with the Toulouse Business School organized, Friday, July 16, 2021, in Ouagadougou, a public conference. The theme focused on the opportunities and prospects of the Supply Chain and Purchasing and Marketing in the era of e-commerce. This conference was moderated by Thierry Hajjar Saker, CEO of ACT, a company specializing in the distribution of food products, and by the expert in e-commerce, Mbaga Ruremesha.

Supply Chain in easy French is simply the supply chain. But it is more than just the transportation of goods to their delivery.

According to the Director of Vocational Training at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Herman Garé, the Supply Chain goes beyond logistics because it starts from the manufacturer to the customer by taking care of the entire supply chain so that the customer gets his product on time.

As part of their Master's degree in Transport Logistics, Supply Chain specialty, students from the Burkina Faso School of Business, in collaboration with the Toulouse Business School, have chosen to address the theme "The Supply Chain and marketing in the era of e-commerce: opportunities and prospects for companies. This conference was sponsored by the Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burkina, Dr. Issaka Kargougou.

The e-commerce has the wind in its sails

"This theme is justified in the context of globalization characterized by the acceleration of trade and financial exchanges worldwide through the development of information technology and communication.

E-commerce has a growing place in the sales market. This trend is expected to intensify in the coming years, due to changes in consumer habits caused by crises such as the global health crisis of Covid-19," said Lankouandé Kanfido Brice Lévis, member of the organizing committee of the conference.

Covid-19, an opportunity to innovate

According to Herman Garé, e-commerce has become an essential tool so that all companies are forced to migrate to the digitalization of their activities. "Whether we like it or not, the example of Covid-19 has shown us the limits of the traditional supply chain. We have to think of new strategies to get supplies at a lower cost, in order to be competitive in terms of both time and quality.

Customized training

According to Professor Jean Claude Merlane, a lecturer at Toulouse Business School, the process of "building" the Master's degree in Supply Chain and Purchasing has allowed for exchanges with several professionals in the supply chain, logistics, purchasing, transport and transit.

"All these people told us that they needed concrete training. We have designed this training to measure. We put a lot of people in situation, making presentations by the students themselves, conferences, etc., "said Professor Merlane.

And according to the delegate of this first class of specialized Master, Aurélien Somé, the training that began five months ago with 32 learners is very pragmatic. Already knowledge has been acquired on physical flows, administrative flows, information flows. While waiting to know all the workings of the Supply Chain, he and his comrades hope to obtain their parchment by June 2022.

Herman Frédéric Bassolé