Sugar shortage in Dakar: the Directorate of Internal Trade speaks of exogenous factors

Par ediallo - 27 August, 2021 - 07:29

While the Government has constantly rejected the thesis of a shortage and the rise in the price of sugar over the domestic market, the Directorate of Internal Trade was keen to lift the corner of the veil on iRadio.

According to Serigne Diaw, director of domestic trade, the tension of late is explained by exogenous factors, including the increase in the price of oil on the international and the context of Covid-19.

"We had 1800 tons and 5200 tons in pieces. The industries that use sugar have therefore fallen back on the Senegalese sugar company (Css).

For the director of domestic trade, these are all factors combined that explain the shortage of sugar. But he says that everything will be back in order by next Friday.

Assane SEYE-Senegal7