Students work on securing sensitive product chains

Par ediallo - 4 April, 2021 - 13:01

For this new edition of the MasterClass organized by the AFT, which was held at the University of Rennes, in person after the sessions in Paris and Aix-en-Provence, which had to be held remotely, the students were inspired by a current topic, the problem of vaccine distribution.

After the impact of Covid-19 on globalization in Aix, the topic was the dependence on countries for supplies, cybercrime or even cargo theft.

For the Mobility MasterClass in Rennes, held on March 12, 41 students worked on the subject of supply and security of sensitive product chains, using the example of medicines.

Enhancing the value of the sector

Divided into seven groups, they proposed their solutions to the problem based on the issues that arose at the international, national and local levels with the distribution of the vaccine.

While previous editions were made up of Master 2 students, this time the participants were Master 1 students from two GPLA programs (production management, logistics and purchasing), either in the logistics and mobility program in initial training (26 students).

Or in the management of agri-food and process companies (MEAP) course in sandwich training (15 students). The presentations were of a high standard and two teams were awarded prizes.

On the issue of supply, the groups gave their suggestions for strengthening the strategic stock or developing multisourcing.

On the theme of security, blockchain was discussed to avoid cyberattacks, secure data but also to link the various stakeholders.New technologies and initiatives to counter cargo theft were also presented.

And several groups also put the relocation of the drug industry, mutualization as well as urban logistics in their suggestions for improving the supply chain.