Stuart deploys a network of urban warehouses

Par thierno - 19 September, 2020 - 12:53

The aim is to enable all e-merchants to deliver their products the same day or the next day in short time slots. The offer is now integrated with Metapack, a supplier of shipping technologies for e-commerce.

Initially available in Paris, Lyon and London, this transport offer is backed by a 100% environmentally friendly fleet of electric scooters, electrically assisted bicycle trailers and CNG vans.

Accessible via Metapack's international delivery management platform or directly from Stuart's proprietary API, these new Stuart Today and Stuart Tomorrow services enable e-merchants to take advantage of the company's network of urban warehouses.

"According to a study we have just completed, for the same product, nearly 50% of French and British consumers prefer e-merchants who offer the most delivery options," said Tom Forbes, senior vice president of transport at Metapack.

28% of cyber-buyers place speed of shipment as their primary purchasing criterion. 40% are even willing to pay for same-day delivery.