SITL 2021: start-ups in the running for the competition

Par ediallo - 12 September, 2021 - 20:02

The SITL (Transport and Logistics Innovation Week) opens this Monday for three days of exhibition in Paris. Among the 550 exhibitors, a dozen candidates are competing for the start-up contest prizes, which will be awarded Tuesday evening.

Adriver: the advertising agency partnering with transporters provides a new source of monthly revenue. Adriver also reimburses carriers for the trailer tracking system (booth R50).

Big Vista: DirectView is a turnkey asset tracking solution for tracking and supervising goods flows and equipment movements in real time (booth PO67).

CRC Services: CoLivRi optimizes the shared transport ecosystem and determines issues, thresholds and optimal timing (built using transport plan algorithms), tracks deliveries in real time and monitors performance, including costs, greenhouse gases and service rates (booth A36).

Customs Bridge: This solution helps companies to more easily classify in a customs nomenclature (booth A59).

Delivery Academy: the first premium training to ensure the best customer experience in urban delivery (stand A67).

Geopallet: this IoT solution connects all assets in the logistics network such as pallets and collapsible plastic containers (stand A73).

Hublex: the MNP solution reduces the environmental and operational costs associated with the inappropriate use of forklifts, which are typically moving pedestrians or light loads (stand A71).

MonStock: the SaaS and mobile cloud application Monstock digitizes, simplifies and automates inventory and flow management in a collaborative way (booth A35).

Motion Miners: motion-mining uses motion and position data to anonymously record manual processes, generating key figures to optimize productivity and ergonomics (booth A55).

Percko: the Gglet Lyne Pro fights back pain with its tensor system to restore good postural habits. It accompanies movements without constraining them by encouraging the opening of the thorax and the repositioning of the spine (stand R60).

PrivaMap: Pegasus is a web application, accessible on smartphones, which aims to become the "Waze" of professional sites, by listing useful information within a logistics site (stand A61).

Welco: this last-meter solution refers to people available to pick up their neighbors' parcels in a secure manner, in exchange for payment (stand R58).