Siemens Mobility acquires Padam and its solutions for on-demand transportation

Par thierno - 15 May, 2021 - 13:27

Siemens Mobility takes over Padam Mobility's software. The French start-up offers a set of solutions to promote transportation on demand. A simulation tool allows to know the state of the network and to best configure a transport on demand service. And a white-label solution allows to set up this transport on demand service.

Siemens Mobility is strengthening its offer. The company announced Tuesday, May 12, 2021, that it is buying French startup Padam Mobility. Financial details of the deal were not specified by those involved.

"Padam Mobility's proven software and smart solutions will allow us to offer more transportation options that integrate and coordinate on-demand and shared mobility," Siemens Mobility CEO Michael Peter says simply in a statement.


Padam Mobility offers local authorities and operators white-label software to set up an on-demand transport service. Vehicle routes and schedules are adapted in real time according to demand. And a management interface gives operators the possibility to manage and supervise operations in real time. They can also collect data to improve the service.

Whether optimizing existing services or creating new lines, the start-up ensures that its solution can be adapted to meet the needs of the market. To best adapt to local issues, Padam has developed a simulation solution that allows to know the state of the network and to see how to best configure an on-demand transportation service.

To do this, the start-up retrieves and combines data from different sources such as the existing transport network, the ticketing system, route calculators, etc.


This acquisition "reinforces Padam Mobility's ambitions: to reconnect territories, give more impact to mobility policies in medium to low density areas and offer modern adapted mobility services," says Grégoire Bonnat, co-founder and CEO of Padam Mobility.

The start-up founded in 2014 has already deployed its solution in more than 70 territories in Europe, Asia and North America and claims that more than one million passengers have transited on its solutions. In particular, Siemens Mobility intends to use Padam's tools to promote and encourage access to public transport and transportation for people with reduced mobility.