Senegal River Floods: Threat to the Manantali Dam

Par thierno - 29 September, 2020 - 16:43

A letter from the Deputy High Commissioner of the Organization for the Development of the Senegal River (Omvs) addressed to the Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Mines of Mauritania on September 24, 2020, warns on "the 2020 floods and the release of water from the Manantali reservoir".

According to Sud Quotidien, the Deputy High Commissioner of the OMVS, Brahim Lebatt H'Meyadé reported in the document to the Mauritanian government, that "the level of the reservoir reached in the morning of September 24, the level of 208.03 m IGN which is only 2 cm lower than the normal management level which is 208.05 m IGN".

Consequently, he emphasizes, "considering the importance of the flows entering the reservoir (about 1162m 3/s) from upstream, the operator of the Mantali dam will be obliged to proceed with releases as soon as the normal level is reached, in accordance with the management instructions. The flows planned for these releases will be equivalent to those entering the reservoir, which would result in an increase in flows downstream of the dam".

However, the OMVS points out "that according to the situation which will be observed, the organization will regularly send to the Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Mines of Mauritania, the forecasts of flows expected in Bakel" and to this end, asks him to "kindly take the appropriate measures, to inform and sensitize all the actors concerned for the maintenance of the safeguard measures, to avoid any inconvenience related to possible overflows of the river".