Securing the borders, the Government provides the Ivorian Customs with video surveillance to enable them to better perform their duties

Par ediallo - 14 August, 2021 - 11:44

After the implementation of the Integrated Tax Management System in Côte d'Ivoire (SIGICI), the development of the Integrated Management System of State Budget Operations (SIGOBE) and the introduction of the principle of electronic procurement, Ivorian Customs could not remain on the sidelines of this modernization process.

A few days ago, Moussa Sanogo, Minister of Budget and State Portfolio, approved the contract for the upgrade of the Customs Data Center. This Data Center should be the cement of the process of strengthening the information systems engaged by the Ivorian Customs.

Video surveillance is a technology that allows software to automatically identify specific objects, behaviors or attitudes in video sequences.

At the end of this visit, the Minister of Budget and State Portfolio said that the use of video surveillance is all the more important to replenish the coffers of the state that with modernization, customs barriers are lowered, or even disappear for many manufactured products.

According to him, the use of surveillance cameras should help secure the border, ensure security at border customs posts and facilitate the work of customs research. It will allow the use of staff where the situation requires.

He said that the efficient use of remote cameras and equipped with zooms installed at key points of the border should allow customs services to better perform their duties.

"These cameras should be able to be used both for real-time monitoring of border movements and for investigative and analytical purposes in order to assist in decision-making for a better organization of the functioning of operational services," added the Minister.

Moussa Sanogo is convinced that with this infrastructure, Customs has the tools to estimate the flow of people and goods crossing the border in both directions. In particular, the flow of incoming and outgoing vehicles can be quantified.

"We have seen a high-performance system with high-definition screens and great accuracy, which allow us to have a detailed picture of what is happening in Niamey, Takikro, or Niablé from Abidjan," he said with satisfaction.

While waiting for this video surveillance system to become operational on the eastern border, the minister urged all Customs officers to make good use of this powerful tool at their disposal.

He promises that in the long term, the interconnection of this device with those of the police and the army could be envisaged for the meshing of the territory in the perspective of reinforcing national security.

Mr. Sanogo announced that the next steps in the modernization process of Ivorian Customs concern the deployment of a cargo tracking and logistics system to secure transit and the integration of the various modules of the Customs Clearance System for a 360° vision of customs activity.

General Dah Pierre Alphonse, Director General of Customs welcomed the initiative of the Minister to provide Customs with efficient tools.

"God only knows how much the modernization of the Ivorian Customs administration means to you. Other projects have already been implemented. This one is underway. You are focused on the modernization that brings the development that Ivorians expect from the Government.

You have come to visit the progress of a project that is virtually complete," said the DG, praising the partners in charge of the project's implementation.

"As this project is conducted, we are satisfied. Thank you for working to modernize our administration," concluded General Dah Pierre Alphonse.