Scallog showcases "French" robotics

Par thierno - 25 August, 2020 - 15:08

Scallog reaffirms its choice to design and produce "100% French" logistics robotics and is expanding its production unit located in Nanterre to accelerate the industrialization of its mobile robots.

"Our commitment to French R&D and production, while relying on short supply chains, is what sets us apart today in a logistics robotics market boosted by the new priorities of logisticians such as customer proximity, omnicanality and process automation," said Olivier Rochet, CEO and founder of Scallog.

The stated objective is to control the value chain "from end to end", in an uncertain health context, the 100% French market being advanced by Scallog as a guarantee of proximity, quality, responsiveness and security.

The production unit has been expanded to 2,000 m2, in order to be able to assemble 1,500 to 2,000 robots per year.

The company will be recruiting around ten employees for its R&D team. "Within two years, the start-up Scallog aims to double its production to become the European leader in mobile warehouse robotics," the press release announces.

All stages of R&D, testing, assembly and production of Scallog's goods to man robots are centralized at the Nanterre site. 95% of the solution components come from French and European subcontractors.