Road transport in the world of start-ups: overcoming the culture shock

Par ediallo - 31 December, 2020 - 22:19

The world of start-ups is teeming and dynamic. Several structures facilitate their connection with transport and logistics companies. The result is time savings and the certainty of identifying start-ups that can help them accelerate their transformation.

How do you find the start-up likely to provide an answer to a challenge expressed by a transport or logistics company? Among the many structures offering this service, Sprint Project, created in September 2017, stands out.

First of all, by its clients, comprising around ten companies covering all the links in the supply chain: BP2Web, Fraikin, FM Logistic, DB Schenker France, Generix, Log's, GSE, Savoye, GS1...

Through its activities and missions then presented by Fabien Esnoult, one of its co-founders: "SprintProject is a mutualised open innovation cell at the service of supply chain players".

On their behalf and according to their sometimes common open innovation projects, the young company identifies, characterises and follows French and foreign start-ups.

200 qualified start-ups

To carry out this mission, SprintProject relies on an application that it helped build analysing 80 criteria and strategic points.

"Baptised Pitch'n Rise, this solution enables precise mapping of start-ups and enables them to be compared. It is used, for example, during the Start-up Contest of the SITL, of which we are a partner".

To date, the company states that it has a database of 200 qualified start-ups, at the origin of around ten projects that it is co-developing with its clients.

Their varied themes cover intralogistics, traceability, urban distribution, new energies and the optimisation of logistics and international transport schemes.