Promotion of Tourism: the ASPT relies on mass distribution to match supply and demand.

Par ediallo - 21 October, 2020 - 11:59

The Senegalese Tourist Promotion Agency has signed a partnership agreement with Auchan Retail Senegal, in order to organise direct sales for the general public target and promote destinations in Senegal.

This one-month partnership, with a company in the mass distribution sector, aims to further facilitate the relationship between the end customer and the products present on the platform.

TaamuSenegal exhibition stands are present in three Auchan shops (Sacré-Cœur, Mermoz, Gibraltar) where the private sector (5 Travel Agencies, 5 hotels) offer promotional travel offers. No less than ten thousand potential tourists are targeted through this operation.

This partnership also enables the ASPT to carry out a general public display operation at 11 Auchan shops.

This month, the ASPT has also entered into a partnership with Elton Oil Company. Indeed, the ASPT is using the Elton network to reach the maximum number of targets by participating in the Elton Teranga Tour event and the group's 20th anniversary.

In all these partnerships, packages are put into play in order to offer the chance to Senegalese people to benefit from tourist experiences free of charge.

These conventions, accompanied by the private hotel sector and travel agencies, promote the culture of tourist consumption in Senegal and participate in the promotion of Senegal's tourist sites.