Promoting transport jobs: we tested the Mobilibox...

Par ediallo - 5 August, 2021 - 08:05

The involvement of companies can also extend to the discovery of trades. An exercise that is not always easy for carriers. This is why the FNTR Pays de la Loire imagined the Mobilibox. Head to a Vendée college for a test in a real situation ...

A computer and an Internet connection… The demonstration can begin. For the second time in a week, Anne – Sophie Loizeau (ex-director of Transports Pressac) and Jean-Christophe Limousin, regional delegate at FNTR Pays de la Loire, pushed open the doors of the Saint-Nicolas college in Tiffauges, Vendée , in order to meet four fourth grade classes.

Their objective is to promote the transport and logistics professions with the help of Mobilibox. This digital kit launched in October 2019 by the regional federation compiles a whole series of documents (videos, photos, etc.) which help to build its intervention on themes ranging from communication to digitization, including security, etc.

Grab their attention

Over two mornings, some 9 students aged 13 and 14 had the opportunity to learn more about the field. The target audience is no accident. "They are in a research process. What matters is capturing their attention," emphasizes Loïc Each, the teacher behind this meeting.

Delayed due to a pandemic, the interventions initially planned for March 2020 took place at the end of January 2021. They aim to make people understand what transport means; raise awareness that the profession of transport operator can be a source of personal development and professional opportunities; explain that entering the world of transport is not reserved for one category of people.

"We are going to present to you the transport and logistics professions", introduces Anne-Sophie Loizeau to around twenty college students who are more predestined to be a veterinarian, a writer, a graphic designer or even an air hostess.

"Who among you knows about road freight transport (TRM)? Do you know any people who work there?" A few hands go up ...

"Road freight transport feeds the entire economy," continued the speaker, supporting figures, 99% of daily needs are transported by road. " The TRM represents 36,000 companies in France, "which offers a lot of job opportunities," adds Jean-Christophe Limousin.