Pinnacle Extends Distribution Agreement with Huawei in Africa

Par thierno - 28 September, 2020 - 08:05

While Chinese telecom giant Huawei is struggling in the international market, it has announced the extension of its partnership with Pinnacle for the distribution of its products in Africa. According to data from the two players, the partnership will see revenue growth of 74% in 2017, tripling to 261% in 2018.

These results are notably the consequence of the decision of African governments and particularly those of SADC where the group derives most of its growth to embark on the path of digital transformation.

According to Pinnacle's SADC Sales Director, Roderick Pillay, the close collaboration between the Pinnacle and Huawei team has been focused on the AirEngine WiFi-6, the OceanStor Dorado and their recently launched IdeaHub.

However, he believes that more communication work still needs to be done: "Most of our partners don't even know that Pinnacle is one of the key players in this field and although the SADC regions have already taken steps towards digital transformation, they are not quite there yet," he explains.