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About the Relocation Industry in Senegal

The Relocation Industry is brand-new in Senegal, and we are just starting to hear the word “relocation”, especially since it is a Francophone country. A few years ago, most Senegalese had never heard of this word or service type.

Now, we are seeing real estate companies and independent “consultants” try to say they do relocation in order to respond to client requests, but they have little knowledge of the international industry expectations, or ability to provide service quality.

The local context in Senegal, (due to its lack of transparency of information, cash-based system, and administrative labyrinths), can be difficult for companies and even their local partners to navigate.

Sometimes local companies underestimate the feasibility of doing relocation work in Senegal. This is a new industry in Senegal, but not all “relocation companies” here are created equally and provide the same level of attention to detail and service quality.

Who is Niofar Executive Relocation?

Founded in 2018, we are the only official relocation company in Dakar, Senegal offering destination services that is owned, operated, and managed by Senegalese staff with an American founder - and certified by the European Relocation Association (EuRA).

We bring these international quality standards to the challenges of the local market, meeting our client’s expectations of communication and transparency along the way.

Niofar” means “We are together” in Wolof, one of the national languages of Senegal - which truly encompasses the philosophy that governs how we work with our clients. With transparency, empathy, and a respect for international service quality norms, we provide a holistic, personalized relocation solution package for our clients that they can trust.

Niofar works hard to stay qualified for international certifications, attend global conferences, and work for a variety of renowned relocation partners.

Our clients include those in the Oil & Gas industries, mining, construction, logistics, humanitarians and Non-Profits, Embassies, and international recruitment agencies. We are equipped to handle any type of client in any sector, while respecting these international expectations.

Our most common services include the following:

  • International Shipping
  • Car Import Formalities
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Business Set-up
  • Monthly Administrative & Fiscal Services
  • HR Management
  • Immigration Procedures
  • Home Search & Settling-In
  • Security Solutions
  • Welcome Orientation & City Tour
  • Monthly Rental Management
  • Spousal Support

About the CEO and Founder

Danielle Ciribassi 

Our Founder, Danielle Ciribassi SECK, was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. She speaks English, French and Wolof fluently, after having been living in Senegal over the past 12 years.

She first discovered Senegal in 2009, when she came as a college student and lived in Fatick with a Senegalese family while working in the Credit Mutuele de Fatick: MEC le Sine. Since this time, she had returned multiple times, sharing her time between Senegal and Washington, DC, while preparing to move back permanently to Dakar.

Ms. Seck relocated herself as a re-pat American to Senegal permanently in 2017. After encountering multiple challenges herself coming back to Senegal in the local market, with immigration, housing, transportation, and more - and having found little to no trustworthy help for relocation services here - she founded Niofar Executive Relocation in 2018, and grew it from the ground up over the last 3.5 years.

After her experience in relocation for Fortune 500 companies back in the U.S, she understands intimately how to work with foreign professionals, especially English-speaking Westerners, as well as the Relocation Industry.

Ms. Seck is married to a Senegalese man, who has his own property management, maintenance, and repair company. They live in Mermoz, Dakar, and have a 2 year old son. She is committed to supporting her fellow Senegalese and providing opportunities to local businesses, as well as to provide training to recent MBA graduates at schools like IAM, and provides consulting to local businesses.


Niofar is making its Mark
In the Region

After almost 4 years, Niofar Executive Relocation has grown into a modest but proud local company, with 10+ Senegalese staff, most of whom have traveled around the globe, and 30+ vetted local partners, suppliers, and service providers in a multitude of service areas.

The languages spoken by the Niofar team are English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Wolof, Pulaar, and others.

Team Niofar is proud to represent Senegal, and now has a Niofar office in Mauritania to better respond to the needs of our clients in this market. We offer the same attention to detail and quality of service in this unique and challenging local market.

We are always expanding our service provider and supplier network of local and international partners, so that Niofar is in an even better position to support our clients. We manage client expectations and communication in order to provide the service quality they expect, all the while boosting our fellow local companies amidst a rapidly changing business environment - to make sure everyone wins.

We are Looking Forward to Working with your Company Today!

Niofar Executive Relocation - Senegal
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+221 76 261 14 60 (WhatsApp)

Niofar Executive Relocation - Mauritania
Nouakchott, Mauritania
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