New one-stop shop for VAT on imports

Par ediallo - 26 June, 2021 - 11:48

As of July 1st, new rules for the localisation of distance sales of goods, from another EU Member State or from third countries, to non VAT payers, will come into force.

In order to simplify reporting and payment obligations, an optional scheme called One-Stop-Shop-Import One-Stop-Shop (OSS-IOSS) is being introduced at the European Union level.

Companies that opt for the scheme are no longer required to register with the tax authorities of each Member State in order to declare and pay the VAT due in the country. VAT is declared and paid to a single Member State via the one-stop shop.

The one-stop VAT shop concerns supplies of services to non-taxable persons in a Member State where the supplier is not established.

Distance sales of intra-Community goods, and sales of goods from third countries in consignments of a value of EUR 150 or less located in the EU, to non-taxable persons in the EU.

The VAT exemption for goods imported into the EU with a value of up to 22 euros will be abolished.