The multimodal terminal in the port of Le Havre is being restructured

Par thierno - 24 July, 2020 - 22:21

The port of Le Havre and the company Le Havre Terminal d'Exploitation (LHTE) have just signed a public service concession contract for the operation of the multimodal terminal. Objective: to allow the development of the multimodal terminal (TMM) activity.

Entered into service in 2015 to massify the container flows of the various maritime terminals and intermodal units, the Multimodal Terminal of the Port of Le Havre handled 93,000 containers in 2019 (+3% compared to 2018). To contribute to the continuation of this growth, a public service concession contract for its operation has just been signed by the port authority and the Le Havre Terminal d'exploitation (LHTE) company.

"This decisive step for the Multimodal Terminal is fully in line with the State's action to develop combined transport and decarbonised modes", Baptiste Maurand, General Manager of the Port of Le Havre, said on this occasion.

An entry into the capital

This contract provides for unified management of the operation of the terminal and its rail shuttle, commitments to performance, flexibility, adaptability, capacity and quality of service, but also the implementation of new services and new digital functionalities to optimise processes and the passage of goods.

"In this way, customers will have a single point of contact for the passage of their container flows through the multimodal terminal and the transfer service in connection with the maritime terminals", pleads Christophe Regnier, Chairman of LHTE.

In addition to this contract, Haropa - Port of Le Havre has acquired a 31% stake in LHTE - replacing the CMA CGM Group - alongside Naviland Cargo, the Charles André Group and LogiPorts Shuttle.

"This entry into the capital enables Haropa - Port of Le Havre to support its ambition to develop multimodality and is an opportunity to guarantee a certain neutrality to the system's user customers", Haropa assures.