Morocco takes charge of the transport of the MRE to unblock the crisis of the port of Sete

Par thierno - 20 July, 2021 - 11:57

Specific measures were taken yesterday, Sunday, July 18, 2021, to get hundreds of MREs out of a distressing situation that has lasted for several days and allow them to spend Eid with their loved ones, Le360 learned from a member of the crisis unit set up by the Moroccan authorities.

Thus, the families concerned were able to board free of charge on Romantika, one of the two ferries chartered by the Tangier Med port authority from the Estonian shipping company Tallink Grupp.

"By saving the price of the ticket, the beneficiaries will be able to pay the charges accumulated over the past few days from the secure parking lot made available to them at the port of Sete. Those who want to leave later have been given free accommodation and food at the hotel," added this member of the crisis unit.

Taken by storm for ten days by MREs, with or without tickets, the port of Sete has been the scene of unprecedented unrest, accentuated by a glaring lack of communication on the part of the various parties involved in the management of the operation Marhaba 2021.

On Thursday, July 15, the Red Cross was dispatched to assist travelers.

In a press release issued on July 14, the Prefect of Herault indicated that "malfunctions were noted in the organization of the first calls of the ships Victoria and Romantika on July 10 and 13 in the port of Sete.

In addition to the failure to respect the dates and times of call, this same press release mentions "failures in the information of passengers as to the dates and times of embarkation likely to generate public disorder".

The prefect of Herault also notes a failure to transmit the required passenger information to the authorities in a timely manner. The total absence of the customer service of the company Intershipping, which provides the link Sete-Tangier, has further complicated the situation.