Momentum" innovations, by Manhattan Associates

Par ediallo - 31 May, 2021 - 08:32

Manhattan Associates, specialized in supply chain execution solutions, takes stock of the difficulties and upheavals encountered by supply chain actors and announces its new multimodal transport optimization solution.

New fulfillment models, necessary unification of processes... The challenges faced by logistics are numerous in the wake of the health crisis.

At the opening of the Momentum Connect event, organized by Manhattan Associates, specialized in supply chain and omnichannel solutions, Eddie Capel, president and CEO, predicts a paradigm shift that will change the way things are done.

"80% of consumers who have tried new shopping methods will continue to do so after the pandemic," he predicts.

Availability and convenience have become the most important values and pressure is increasing on inventory planners.

One of the industry's challenges is the blurring of boundaries between distribution and transportation capabilities.

At the conference, Manhattan Associates is announcing the launch of its new Manhattan Active Transportation Management solution, dedicated to transportation network optimization. The cloud-based solution automatically configures and adjusts itself.

"This is a significant advancement in optimization speed, as computation time can be reduced by 80%," says Eddie Capel.

It includes a multimodal optimization kernel based on in-memory technology. This allows to process large volumes of data in a reduced time to build a logistics plan.

Bringing together inbound and outbound activity management

The Manhattan Active Supply Chain suite merges the activities of visualization, planning, optimization and execution. It includes Manhattan Active Transportation Management and Manhattan Active Warehouse Management, which are brought together to streamline the management of inbound and outbound activities.

"True convergence of supply chain execution systems has always represented a very promising opportunity to dramatically improve efficiency, productivity and agility.

Unfortunately, technology limitations have made it impossible until now," says Steve Banker, vice president of supply chain management at ARC Advisory Group.

Through a single application, users can perform productivity and performance analysis, respond to real-time shipment alerts and switch carriers when needed.

"Exploding volumes, shortened delivery times and volatile transportation capacity have increased the complexity of logistics networks.

Carriers today need faster, easier and smarter shipment planning and optimization capabilities," said Chris Cunnane, research director for supply chain management at ARC Advisory Group.

The next generation of TMS solutions makes the transportation planner's job easier with self-learning intelligence." Indeed, the solution is based on machine learning to automate the setting of its parameters.

In addition, the solution can be customized without requiring an upgrade. FourKites, Project44, Loadsmart tools are already connected and pre-integrated into the solution.

The new Manhattan Active Arch module allows for the integration of third-party visibility tool providers and load boards.

Stéphanie Marius