Local content in oil and gas exploitation: Cse launches its new subsidiary Ecsen oil and Gas

Par ediallo - 23 October, 2020 - 16:50

The Sahelian company (Cse) has officially added a string to its bow with the launch, this Thursday 22nd October 2020, of its brand new subsidiary Ecsen (support services oil and gas).

The new-born company, which has responded, without dragging its feet, to the call to take charge of local content in the exploitation of oil and gas resources, has exclusively dedicated its activities to the provision of logistical goods and services (onshore and offshore) in the oil and gas sector in view of the upcoming exploitation of Senegal's offshore deposits.

The idea, reveals its managing director Oumar Sow, who is also CEO of Cse, was born only 10 months ago. In record time, great strides have been made. "For ten months, we have been working to set up this structure.

I am delighted today to see that we have been able to sign solid partnerships with strategic partners of very high calibre," says Ecsen's CEO, Oumar Sow.

With its partners Invest in Africa, Ambrey, Efinor, O2 catering, Alpha marine, Ipas, Rmo, Petrosen and many others, Ecsen is active in four sectors of activity: maritime transport, catering (restaurants, hotels, on-board service, kitchens) and the supply of qualified and targeted manpower on land and at sea. "All the services we are going to provide will be supervised.

Boat management, crew management, crew accommodation, transport...all will be managed for our clients (woodside, Bp, Total and their subcontractors) by us", says Ecsen Deputy Managing Director Lionel Cren.

Shipping will be Ecsen's core business. A whole range of vessels and logistical equipment is planned: surf boats (70 to 80 seats on board), assistance launches for operations at sea, ambulance boats (with an emergency doctor and a nurse), offshore supply vessels (Psv) among others.

A type of investment that obviously generates employment exclusively reserved for Senegalese in accordance with the requirements of the law on local content, whose three draft implementing decrees were adopted yesterday in the Council of Ministers. "Both captains on board as well as technicians, etc., will all be Senegalese jobs as of tomorrow," Lionel Cren assures.

For his part, proceeding to the official launch of Ecsen, the Minister of Petroleum, Mouhamadou Makhtar Cissé is pleased with the example that Cse comes to give to Senegalese entrepreneurs in the management of local content. "This positioning of Cse, one of the major players in our economy, is a relevant response to the call of the Head of State.

And an example given to all national investors to prepare now to participate actively with rigour and professionalism in the perspective of the exploitation of our natural resources. Indeed, it is necessary to prepare now, tomorrow may be too late," he warns.