Le Sénégal vert horizon 2035, an environmental TV film directed by Mamadou Sakho

Par thierno - 26 September, 2020 - 11:38

Senegal is working to perfect its environmental policy in order to enable every citizen to live in a healthy Senegal by 2035, where they will have access to drinking water, sanitation, efficient transport, a healthy living environment, energy-efficient housing and preserved nature.                                  

However, Senegal's environmental policy cannot be made without taking Dakar into account. "When talking about a green Senegal, it would indeed be fairer to treat the whole territory, but Dakar, its capital, is the country's showcase. Any initiative taken within it would be de facto to be taken throughout the country," he summarised.

Mamadou Sakho, in a report devoted to environmental protection in Senegal, focused on Dakar, the capital, the country's showcase, with the aim of pointing out the challenges in terms of environmental preservation that lie ahead by 2035, the promised date for the emergence of Senegal.

This TV film on the environment looks back at the future of Léopold Sédar Senghor airport in the Dakar ecosystem, recent discoveries in hydrocarbons and natural gas, pollution monitoring, the anarchic urbanization in Dakar, strategies to fight against climate change, the management of environmental emergencies, and more broadly the vision of sustainable development in Senegal.

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