Interview Exclusive de Alassane MARE : Directeur Régional de DHL Global Forwarding Afrique Centrale

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Our guest

Who is Alassane MARE?

Before I speak about myself, I would like to share a story about a pretty bright young boy who had the opportunity pursue higher education at a university.

Given the distance and the deplorable transport conditions at the time, he necessarily needed a means of transport to get to classes. His mother sold one of her gold jewelry to supplement the money his father had offered him for the purchase of a motorcycle. It was with this motorcycle that he managed to complete his education  properly and become the person I am today. This is my story and that of my parents’.

I am a Senegalese born in Dakar and I come from a family of ten children. I’m married and a father of four children.

I hold a Masters in Management Sciences from Dakar Bourguiba University and several certificates in Audit-Quality, Environment and Security.