How Libra Capital wants to put Oriental on the world aviation map

Par ediallo - 30 June, 2021 - 17:40

So far, Morocco has succeeded in placing itself on the aeronautical map thanks mainly to its two poles that are Nouaceur (Casablanca) and Tangier. Bouarfa in the Oriental region, which is preparing to host a mega-platform of aeronautical MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) services that will make it a real hub, should soon allow Morocco to strengthen its position on the international scene.

Bouarfa, this small town in the Oriental region, capital of the Figuig province, will be the future MRO hub. This is the ambition of Libra Capital. Around the airport of Bouarfa, Libra Capital intends to develop over three years a platform of aviation services.

Called "Bouarfa Aeroplanes", the project should be implemented through 10 business units, "concentrating the best global expertise in aviation services and certified quality standards:

Aerostructures, systems, engines, landing gear, cabin refurbishment and conversion, painting, PART 147 in situ training center, airport infrastructure study services, financial tools.

Supply chain purchasing solutions, parking and recycling of end-of-life aircraft, right up to the release of new raw materials by the foundry integrated into the platform," according to the development company, Libra Capital.

"The project Bouarfa aeroplane was presented to us by two former officials of the RAM some months ago, the choice of the location was our political strategy to move from an inert economy to a tertiary economy.

Our first analysis of the file pushed us to advance on an increase of business units to avoid being a graveyard of airplanes", explains Med Rachid Laaouimir, President of Libra Capital Ltd.

It is around the airport of Bouarfa that Libra Capital intends to develop over three years its project of aviation services platform.

According to the promoters of Bouarfa aéro, strategic partners such as Maintenance Aero Maroc SA, a subsidiary of Sabena Aerospace, Aeroriental Industrie, a European training center for aeronautical maintenance accredited PART 147, and a workshop expert in cabin refurbishment have already joined the project to make the Moroccan Oriental the MRO Hub of tomorrow.

"The new design of the site received immediate validation from certified trade operators. The Bouarfa site will also very quickly provide an African logistics center and, above all, important jobs. We are in discussion with a global delivery giant in this sense," said the President of Libra Capital Ltd.

What about the timing in this post-covid period where the global aviation sector has been affected like other sectors? "We intend to accompany air operators to the new post-Covid-19 world with a complete and agile aviation service station to be able to bounce back serenely to the progressive recovery of traffic.

The station allows airlines and leasing companies in the EMEA zone to store, modify, reassign, reinforce, maintain and upgrade their fleet in all tranquillity and agility from a centralized station",.

Underlines Med Rachid Laaouimir who specifies that the platform will also offer MRO services specifically dedicated to the development of African regional companies with financial tools and infrastructure support.

Today, according to the promoters of the project, several national tenders will soon follow to complete the offer of the platform and the surrounding facilities. The site will begin in late 2022.

"This project is in line with the industrial strategy of the Kingdom in line with the New Development Model. It is supported by the Investment Fund of the Oriental Region (FIRO).

We must invest in these areas, because the expectations of our fellow citizens are important and the private sector must accompany the regionalization decided by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God glorify him," concluded the President of Libra Capital Ltd.