GXO tests a Knapp robotic arm for textile picking

Par ediallo - 14 September, 2021 - 08:21

The robotization of retail picking is making inroads in warehouses, such as the one operated by GXO in Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands, dedicated to fashion/textile e-commerce logistics.

The 3PL has started testing a robotic arm developed by Knapp to pick items in their box or carton from stock, and place them on a pocket conveyor to start their sorting, grouping and ultimately packaging process.

The project serves the e-commerce logistics of a major international customer of GXO, who points out that this is the first implementation of Knapp's Pick-it-Easy Robot in the textile world, where the challenge lies in the diversity of items in terms of size, shape, texture, weight or packaging.

Its vision system, powered by Artificial Intelligence, allows the robot to recognize each product, identify the best gripping point and define the optimal gripping speed.

The intralogistics automation specialist is taking advantage of the AI advances of its partner, the Californian start-up Covariant (which raised $80 million this summer, and nearly $150 million in three years).

n the Tilburg warehouse, the test launch has been successful, and already four other robots have been announced by GXO, which now claims to be "the largest pure-player contract logistics provider in the world" since it became independent from XPO.