Grumbling in Italy: transport professionals against the obligation of the health pass in companies on October 15

Par ediallo - 13 October, 2021 - 14:01

"The hour is serious" in Italy, according to Allesandro Peron, secretary general of FIAP, the professional transport federation. Because of the obligation to have a health pass in the company from October 15, the delivery capacity of transporters could well be halved. The same is true in the ports, with the dockers threatening to block access from Friday.

While demonstrations and general strike movements are multiplying throughout Italy to protest against the introduction of the mandatory health pass to work from October 15, transport professionals are sounding the alarm.

The federation of transporters (FIAP) is even painting a doomsday scenario, talking about a fuel crisis, empty shelves in supermarkets and industries blocked nationwide.


"The hour is serious, many drivers do not have a health pass, some because they refuse to be vaccinated, others because they were immunized in countries that have not introduced the health certificate or the vaccine they were inoculated is not among the four prophylactics authorized by the European Union (Pfizer, Moderna, Vaxzevria previously called Astrazeneca, Johnson)," explained Alessandro Peron, secretary general of FIAP.

According to a study prepared by this federation, the delivery capacity of carriers could be halved by October 15. Firstly, because of the controls that will have to be carried out to verify the health passes, and secondly because of the drivers who do not have the precious sesame.

Free of charge

The transport associations are calling for free tests for drivers who have not been vaccinated, which will allow them to obtain a health certificate valid for 48 hours. A measure that the government of Mario Draghi refuses to introduce because it would allow anti-vaccinations to escape the prophylaxis.

Since the start of the vaccination campaign, 43.5 million Italians have already been immunized with two doses, i.e. a little more than 73% of the population, a figure that is below the 85% target that the government hopes to achieve by November.

In the ports, anger is rising

In the ports, anger is rising among dockers who are threatening to block access to the ports on Friday. This is the case in Trieste, one of the main Italian sites for the transport of goods to the European continent. According to estimates by the

According to estimates by the dockers' union (CLPT), 40% of the 950 dockers do not have a health pass. In the ports of Naples and Genoa, the scenario is almost identical.