Greek sailors abducted off the coast of Nigeria

Par ediallo - 30 November, 2020 - 09:17

A shipping company is in negotiations to free three Greek sailors kidnapped in mid-November by pirates off the coast of Nigeria, the Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine announced Sunday.

Three of the five crew members of the Togolese flagged supply ship Stelios K were abducted on 16 November when the assailants boarded the vessel.

The Royal Ship Management company, owner of the tanker, is in talks to have the sailors released, according to the ministry.

The pirates abducted the captain and two crew members of the Stelios K. The two remaining sailors were able to pilot the ship to Lagos.

All five sailors are in good health, the same source said.

This is the 23rd abduction in the Gulf of Guinea this year. A total of 118 people have been kidnapped, according to the British company Dryad Global, which specialises in maritime security.

The company released a "critical risk assessment" for the Gulf of Guinea immediately after the Greek kidnapping, saying it was the second such case in three days against a backdrop of a "sharp increase in security incidents" in the region.