GetCollective wants to save companies time by optimizing meetings

Par ediallo - 17 September, 2021 - 08:17

The GetCollective platform aims to make meetings easier and more productive with its note-taking and report writing features. This solution is relevant for large-scale projects involving a multitude of partners or collaborators.

"When there are more than five people in a meeting, whether it is held remotely or in person, there is a lack of clarity, a certain frustration that things are not moving forward, sometimes misunderstanding and poor results," explains Jean-Baptiste Huguenin, co-founder of Get Collective.

In 2019, with his partner Igor Cheloudiakoff, the former sales manager in software sales wanted to provide an answer to this problem accentuated at the rate of increased meetings during the health crisis.

"We realized the importance of better organizing meetings, taking collective notes, having them posted and decisions visible on the screen."

After eight months spent observing the practices of large companies, their ways of working and the challenges they faced, the two men from Burgundy-Franche-Comté imagined GetCollective.


Meetings around complex projects requiring the presence of many people in a meeting or a large panel of collaborators start with the programming on Outlook.

"The platform integrates with Microsoft tools and software such as Outlook, Teams or OneDrive. 99% of our customers use these tools." By adding GetCollective at the time of scheduling, a link is generated to access the meeting interface with the agenda as well as meeting templates.

A visual display allows you to follow the progress of the meeting, and to time the intervention of each participant if necessary. As the meetings progress, the tasks will be aggregated on the page, the notes of the previous meeting and associated files can be consulted.

"Currently, there is no tool that structures the notes by topic for easier processing and sorting in meetings. There's no need to fetch items from a drive or email and the items remain available for future reference or to prepare for the next meeting."

During discussions, one or more people take notes, allocate tasks to be completed and decisions made. "Visible to everyone, it's engaging and facilitates understanding." A report can be pre-formatted at the end of the meeting, generated on its own in an attractive and organized format, to be sent to participants and absent contacts.


A survey of 500 GetCollective users reveals that they estimate that they save an average of five hours of work per week.

"They save time searching for information, they are more aligned with the project's responsibilities and objectives, and everyone gains in efficiency" insists Jean-Baptiste Huguenin. The platform has already attracted companies like Salomon, Société Générale and Richemont.

The young company is now preparing to raise two to three million euros before the end of the year to integrate machine learning into its platform.

"GetCollective will propose topics to be integrated into the agenda to facilitate the preparation of meetings, based on recurring topics."

In addition to the six current employees, the recruitment of developers will also lead to increasing the platform's capabilities with, for example, project tracking views in planning or new features for minutes.Improvements and innovations that could lead GetCollective to reach a turnover of two million euros in 2022.