Geodis works on the eco-design of its logistics offer

Par ediallo - 4 October, 2021 - 16:49

The international service provider is deploying an eco-design approach for its logistics services, audited and validated by the French association for quality improvement and management (AFAQ).

Already certified, the international service provider Geodis is taking another step forward in the integration of environmental issues into its logistics solutions, with the development of an eco-design approach.

Audited and validated by the French association for quality improvement and management (AFAQ), this approach enables Geodis to integrate all the environmental impacts of its contract logistics activity, at all stages of the chain, in order to reduce its footprint.

This is a comprehensive approach, from the sales and bidding phase through to project completion, supported by teams trained in eco-design.

As a result, the company can provide its clients with detailed carbon assessments, concrete reductions in energy consumption or optimizations of buildings, equipment, flows and waste.

51% reduction in emissions at Geodis

Geodis' approach enabled it to reduce CO2 emissions at one of its customers by 51%, the equivalent of 2,250 tons of CO2 over five years, through a combination of photovoltaic panels, LED lights, recycling processes, space optimization and installation in a Breeam-certified building.

"ISO 14001 certified for many years, we wanted to go further in our environmental approach to move towards a responsible supply chain. Our approach is based on more transparent communication.

It allows us to guarantee to our customers that behind an offer and a price, the environmental aspects have been taken into account and are part of the quality of service that we are committed to deliver.

We wanted to provide our customers with a very precise assessment of the CO2 emissions generated, but above all to propose virtuous solutions to limit them as much as possible," explains Laurent Parat, Managing Director for Western Europe, Middle East & Africa and EVP contract logistics at Geodis.