Evaluation of the transport sector: two Cameroonian and four foreign companies shortlisted

Par ediallo - 5 February, 2021 - 21:59

Within the framework of the contract for the selection of consultants for the strategic environmental and social assessment of the transport sector in Cameroon, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, the Minister of Public Works, has just published a shortlist of six companies.

Of the six candidates selected, four are foreign. They are the CCM Worldwide & OC Global Group (Tunisia); the CSIR/CIME Service Group (South Africa); the JMN Consultant & WSP Canada Inc (Canada) and the Nemus company from Portugal.

Two of these companies are Cameroonian companies: Global Environment & Spatial Tchnologies and Rainbow. "Each consultant on the shortlist will receive a letter of invitation to tender," says the Mintp.

Terms of reference

At the end of the selection process, the consultant who will be selected will have to make an inventory of the transport sector and provide answers (at the environmental and social level) to the Cameroonian government on the best way to invest in this field.

For, in the document on the National Strategy for Development in the period 2020-2030, interventions in terms of construction, maintenance or rehabilitation of transport infrastructure should make it possible to improve the level of service, according to the standards indicated, and to absorb the deficits and gaps recorded in each of the following areas: road transport, rail transport, maritime, river and lake transport, and air transport.

Thus, it will be a question of promoting: the development of river and lake transport through the rehabilitation of the river port of Garoua; the promotion of maintenance activities through the modernization of the shipyard and the completion and operation of the Limbe oil yard project; the construction of dry ports in connection with the integration projects in Central Africa.

As far as the road and transport network is concerned, Cameroon intends to increase the density of the asphalt network from 0.32 to 0.48 km per 1000 inhabitants.

In concrete terms, this will involve asphalting at least 6,000 km of roads in the period under review (with priority for the 4,800 km of national roads still in the ground), by completing the projects under way.

In the airport sector, the government proposes to: build a new terminal at Douala International Airport with a new runway; upgrade Garoua International Airport; and increase local traffic of people and freight by the national carrier and private operators through the liberalisation of the sector.

In addition, feasibility studies will be conducted for the development of a world-class airport located in the Douala metropolitan area.