Drone tests at Rungis market

Par ediallo - 24 October, 2021 - 11:49

This is not the first time that the Rungis International Market has tested drone flights. Until now, these were surveillance flights, but this time the experimentation concerned parcel delivery.

The Rungis International Market has just completed a week of experimentation for the delivery of parcels by drone. Subsidized by the Ile-de-France Region and authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority, some fifty flights took place on the platform to transport exotic fruit, car spare parts, a defibrillator, champagne and various fragile products by day and night.

"A new step has been taken with the use of cargo drones in dense urban areas. Flying over a commercial area such as Rungis Market is a first in France," said Rungis Market in a press release.

A hybrid docking station

This experiment was conducted with the company Dragonflypads, which was responsible for installing a hybrid docking station, called vertiport.

"These first cargo flight tests suggest very interesting possibilities for last-mile logistics within the market," said Stéphane Layani, Chairman and CEO of Semmaris.

This is not the first time that Rungis Market has used drones. Last July, a first experiment was carried out to ensure the safety of employees working at the market and to inspect its infrastructure.

Covering 234 hectares, Rungis market brings together 1,209 companies, employs 12,000 people and markets 2.8 million tons of products each year, for a total turnover of 10 billion euros.