Domestic transport: towards the creation of a public company to 'relieve' Air Algérie

Par ediallo - 5 November, 2020 - 16:58

A public company will be created to take charge of domestic air transport, to relieve the pressure on Air Algeria which will specialise in international flights, Transport Minister Lazhar Hani announced Sunday.

The announcement was made Sunday on the airwaves of the radio channel I. For the minister, the huge surface area of the country and the availability of 36 domestic airports require the creation of a new company because, according to him, Air Algeria "is not able" to cover everything.

The creation of this new company "will allow an optimal management of the transport of citizens throughout the national territory", argues the minister.

Moreover, Lazhar Hani, has made it known that the Government intends "to review the policies of the sector within the framework of a new socio-economic approach induced by the changes and evolutions in progress in the field of transport both at the internal and external levels".

In this sense, he referred to the opening of "domestic and foreign air transport to private investment, in addition to land and sea transport", while specifying that "in accordance with a well-formulated set of specifications".

Yasmine Marouf-Araibi