DHL Supply Chain expands its fleet of CNG trucks

Par ediallo - 15 July, 2021 - 22:13

DHL's supply chain management division is expanding its fleet of CNG trucks to transport automotive parts from the Czech Republic to Germany, which will reduce its CO2 emissions by 187 tons per year.

11 liquid gas trucks already on the road to Germany

Last year, DHL Supply Chain invested in three liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks. The brand and its customers were completely satisfied with this experience and are now renewing their interest in CNG by ordering another eight low-emission trucks.

KateÅina Rázlová, Director of DHL Supply Chain's Automotive Division, explains: "The rapid expansion of the filling station network in Germany and the Czech Republic has been an important factor in the continued expansion of this alternative fuel in our fleet.

It has enabled us to serve more destinations with LNG and has improved the flexibility of route planning."

With a refueling station every 200 km or so in Germany, and now three stations in the Czech Republic, the carrier can indeed take full advantage of its eleven less polluting and more comfortable trucks.

Replacing diesel, and making a profit

DHL Supply Chain's fleet has been expanded with new Scania R410 low-bed tractors. They can accommodate more parts, loaded in optimised pallets, thus reducing the number of trips required.

These trucks replace conventional diesel vehicles without any losses. They even surpass them in terms of acoustic comfort and atmospheric emissions. The 13-liter, 6-cylinder LNG engine offers a maximum power output of 410 hp and a maximum torque of 2000 Nm, while being much quieter, and CO2 emissions are up to 15 percent lower.

Focus on bio-LNG

To further reduce its environmental footprint, DHL Supply Chain will run on biomethane, as soon as its supply is generalized on these routes. "The use of BioGNL will enable a further significant reduction in emissions," adds KateÅina Rázlová.

"The first BioGNV filling stations will open on DHL Supply Chain truck routes in Germany as early as this year and, according to available information, BioGNV sales are also planned in the Czech Republic within three to five years."

The purchase of eight new LNG tractors is part of Deutsche Post DHL's "Go Green" environmental protection program, which aims to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.