Delta 3 in Dourges: new connections from China

Par ediallo - 8 February, 2021 - 21:52

Since 2017, the Delta 3 platform in Dourges has regularly welcomed trains from Wuhan, China. New connections from the city of Hefei (in central China) and Jinhua (to the east).

From Hefei, the train took 19 days to cover 10,000 kilometres (21 days for 11,000 kilometres from Jinhua).

Chartered by transporters last December and September, the cargo contained construction machinery and equipment to combat Covid-19.

Last year, traffic with China, which was expected to intensify, was stopped altogether with the global epidemic. Connections with Wuhan (essentially carried out on behalf of Décathlon, which has a warehouse in Dourges), resumed slowly last July.

They should return to a rhythm of one arrival per week by spring. Interest in rail seems to be growing, in a context of fluctuating sea freight prices.

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