DDS Logistics launches a loading optimization module

Par ediallo - 15 September, 2021 - 08:19

DDS Shipper TMS software now includes a module for optimizing the filling of containers and trucks.DDS Logistics, a publisher of software packages dedicated to transport, is offering a new module for simulating and optimizing the filling and loading of trucks and containers.

This module, which is integrated into the DDS Shipper TMS software, can be used to increase fill rates by 5 to 10%, reduce delivery times and cut carbon dioxide emissions.

The module is a solution to the shortage of air and sea transport, which DDS Logistics expects will also affect the road sector.

Determining the ideal fill

Communicating with suppliers and carriers, the module allows the shipper to optimize the volume of his container in a concrete way.

Based on the dimensions of each order medium (packages, pallets, cylinders, etc.), it uses the calculation power of the DDS Shipper TMS to determine the best fill rate.

In addition, the module is also involved in calculating the axle tonnage. Loading instructions are then communicated to the operators.