The CFMPL acquires a driving simulator for the road transport of goods

Par thierno - 29 June, 2021 - 09:35

In order to improve the quality of its training, the CFMPL has recently acquired a professional driving simulator for the road transport of goods. This simulator is part of the latest generation of driving simulators thanks to its interchangeable gearbox in automatic or manual mode.

Currently used more and more in driving schools in developed countries, simulators are now part of the educational technology because they reduce the duration and cost of real training.

It is in this sense that the CFMPL has acquired a simulator whose model covers the following types of heavy vehicles: tractor, semi-trailer, tanker and tipper. Indeed, it is a very innovative pedagogical tool that allows learners to take their first steps in professional driving without the stress of traffic and with real sensations.

Thus, the trainer can work on several exercise situations with the learner:

  • Crossing intersections in the city, with pedestrians, intersections, as on the road,
  • Expressways, highways (entrances, exits, and traffic),
  • Weather conditions (rain, snow, ice).

According to the Director of the center, Ms. Sagna, the simulator will participate to 50% in the training of drivers who will not stop to make their exercises and evaluation with trucks in real traffic.

The combination of hours on the simulator with hours of driving in traffic would seem to be very practical and effective.

Moreover, the simulator will allow the center to make economies of scale in the purchase of fuel and the maintenance of its trucks which are very expensive. It is also a way for the CFMPL to optimize logistical costs in the operation of its fleet.