Business-to-business storage: SpaceFill on the assault on Europe

Par thierno - 9 September, 2020 - 10:44

SpaceFill, a French start-up for connecting and reserving storage space between companies, has just raised €7 million to develop on a European scale within the next two years.

"In France, warehouses have on average 25% unoccupied space", explains Maxime Huzar, CEO of SpaceFill, in a press release. The first step for the start-up created in 2018 by Maxime Huzar, Gustave Roche and Quentin Drillon is therefore to make an inventory of these available spaces.

"Today SpaceFill collaborates with more than 3,000 logistics partners (of which nearly 80% remained open during the containment) and already has 350 customers, including companies such as Pasquier and Aosta", continues the director, who today plans to develop on the European continent. Within this framework, the young company will recruit around fifty people in the coming months.

Global offer

Today's offer includes contractualisation, management and optimisation of supply chains, but also the commercial relationship and insurance issues between the shipper and the warehouse. In addition, client companies can easily visualise all of their stored goods. Spacefill claims the availability of a warehouse every 20 kilometres on average.

The containment period has been beneficial as many structures have been able to use SpaceFill to solve their storage problems: SpaceFill assures to have been able to find storage solutions in less than an hour for its customers who have encountered breaks in their supply or production chains.