Alsaceteam must develop the traffic of the South Alsace ports

Par ediallo - 7 July, 2021 - 08:47

The economic operator Alsaceteam, made up of the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille, Swissterminal and the large river-sea port of the Seine axis, has the task of managing the ports of southern Alsace. The aim is to develop multimodal traffic between this cross-border hinterland and the Mediterranean, the English Channel and the North Sea.

In order to develop connections, particularly rail connections, between the maritime façades of France - the Channel, the North Sea and the Mediterranean - and the hinterland of the Swiss/French/German tri-border region, since June 29, Alsaceteam SAS has been delegated the management, operation, development and development of the ports of South Alsace.

Developing multimodal transport

The economic operator is composed of Swissterminal AG, a logistics service provider and terminal operator, the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille and the Grand Port fluvio-maritime de l'axe Seine. The latter represents, under the Haropa Port banner, the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris, which merged on June 1.

"The positive conclusion of this project is a real opportunity to link the three border basin to the major French seaports.

The synergies in Alsaceteam between the three French and Swiss players will offer real prospects for the development of multimodal and logistics services," says Roman Mayer, President of Alsaceteam.

26.5 million euros invested over 5 years

This collaboration starts on July 1 for 30 years. The partners must "pool" their commercial and institutional networks to develop traffic between the three entities.

Designated by the SMO (Syndicat mixte pour la gestion des ports du sud Alsace) on May 4, 2021, Alsaceteam becomes a shareholder of the SEMOP (société d'économie mixte à opération unique) Euro Rhein Ports with the SMO (syndicat mixte ouvert) and the Caisse des dépôts. 26.5 million euros will be invested over 5 years.