Ademe promotes the "Green Marine Europe" certification

Par ediallo - 7 April, 2021 - 08:46

Reducing polluting emissions in maritime transport requires a voluntary commitment by shipowners to common objectives. In this context, Ademe is supporting the new Green Marine Europe certification.

To accelerate the fight against greenhouse gases in maritime transport, voluntary changes in behavior are necessary. This is the opinion of Ademe, which participated in a webinar on March 23 on the environmental impact of the mode.

"Technological innovations and new regulations will serve this purpose as they are implemented," insists Philippe Cauneau.

On this occasion, the Agency's transport engineer salutes the sector's initiatives in terms of labels and charters, including that of Armateurs de France, as well as banking programs such as Poseidon that integrate the environment into their financing criteria.

It also encourages initiatives to reduce port dues based on the ecological performance of vessels, such as the ESI index.

According to the IMO, maritime transport was responsible for 2.89% of global carbon emissions in 2018Philippe Cauneau is however more reserved about reducing the speed of ships (slow steaming).

While he acknowledges a reduction of 20 to 30% in CO2 emissions, he questions "the other emissions related to the sub-optimization of engines and the rebound effects requiring an increase in maritime capacity".

Six French shipowners certified "Green Marine Europe

To encourage shipowners to change their behavior, Ademe is promoting the "Green Marine Europe" program, supported by the Canadian association Green Marine and Surfrider Europe.

"Based on a reference framework and tools, it allows to evaluate and verify the performance of shipowners," explains Antidia Citores, the spokesperson for this certification. "The first European self-assessment questionnaire was completed in April 2020 and followed by a first promotion campaign."

In October, the first certificates were issued in France in the presence of Annick Girardin, Minister of the Sea, and Bérangère Abba, Secretary of State to the Minister of Ecological Transition in charge of biodiversity. The certified companies are Brittany Ferries, Corsica Linea, Genavir (Ifremer), La Méridionale, Socatra and Orange.

An environmental quality label

The "Green Marine Europe" self-assessment framework includes eight criteria. Some of these are not subject to any international regulation, such as underwater noise pollution.

"Each year, shipowners complete a self-assessment questionnaire for their fleet. Five levels are defined through criteria ranging from compliance with existing regulations (when they exist) to a level of excellence."

"Every two years, the information submitted is verified and then certified by a steering committee. To obtain the label, ship owners must reach at least level 2 for at least one performance indicator," explains Antidia Citores.

To maintain their certification, they must then "demonstrate continuous improvement by reaching an additional level on one criterion each year until they reach level 2 for all indicators".

A new campaign to promote the certificate was launched in March and the new winners will be announced in June. At the same time, "work is being done with shippers on displaying the environmental performance of their products", the spokeswoman concluded.

Érick Demangeon