900 Moroccans arrive in Corsica for the clementine season

Par ediallo - 8 October, 2020 - 16:29

Morocco and Corsica are organising an airlift to transport 900 seasonal workers who will take part in the clementine harvest. The profession is at the origin of this initiative negotiated with the authorities because of the health crisis.

The island producers have worked with the French and Moroccan authorities to allow these workers to come to the island, despite the travel restrictions imposed by COVID. A scheme negotiated by the professionals themselves.

It was, in fact, the citrus growers who wanted the implementation of this air bridge between Corsica and Morocco. Even if hundreds of islanders participate each year in the clementine campaign, they are far from being sufficient, considering the 1,500 hectares of clementine trees to be treated, for nearly 30,000 tons of harvested fruit.

It is the professionals who are therefore at the initiative, and it is they who will take charge of the chartering of the 5 planes for the transport of these workers who will arrive from Friday 9th October. The cost is around half a million euros.

A strict health protocol

In addition, a strict sanitary protocol will be implemented: samples will be taken before leaving Morocco, then a week after their arrival on the island and finally again before their departure. If a COVID case were to be detected, it would of course be immediately isolated.

This system, which is exceptional in every respect, could only be implemented with the involvement of all the players, citrus growers but also State services in particular, with essential support from the prefecture.

Alexandre Sanguinetti